Our Ogden, Utah Law Firm History

Firm History

The firm began on June 15, l979 as Farr, Kaufman and Hamilton. It was Steve Kaufman’s initial idea to start a new firm, as all three practiced at the time at Vlahos and Knowlton. Steve Kaufman asked Steve Farr and Dave Hamilton to join up with a vision of a new firm, which they did. A new building was just being completed called Bamberger Square in Ogden, and Steve and Steve had an opportunity to buy a portion for their new firm. Steve and Steve had a case together concerning a murder in Wyoming which financed the move. It was a big step for all of them to start a new firm.

Over the years, many attorneys have come and gone. Three prior members have become judges, at least ten former and present members have been Weber County Bar Presidents, and Steve Kaufman is a former president of the Utah State Bar. Over the years, the firm has had several names, always beginning with Farr and Kaufman. In 2013, the firm changed directions, with Steve Kaufman, Ron Nichols, and Kris Kaufman becoming named partners and Steve Farr starting a separate firm. The KNK firm presently consists of 7 attorneys, 3 paralegals, and additional staff. Forty years have passed since the initial law firm was started, and the present firm is strong and growing as one of Ogden’s largest law firms.