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Guardianship Attorneys In Ogden, Utah: Keep Your Ward Safe

Legal issues related to families and domestic relations can be highly complex and may result in life-altering consequences. If you desire to establish a guardianship, you should consult with an attorney who comprehends the laws of guardianships. Utah guardianships are court ordered and supervised legal relationships made between the party wanting the guardianship and the ward. Wards are often minors or adults who have mental disabilities.

The term ‘guardian’ generally refers to the person appointed to take care of another individual when it comes to being responsible for their health, nutrition, education, residence, and personal care. A guardian may also be a person nominated by a parent to take care for their child in limited situations. The minor or incapacitated adult appointed to the guardian is known as the “ward.”

There are many responsibilities assigned to a guardian and the process is not as easy to obtain as it may seem. Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman are familiar with every angle of the law to help one obtain guardianship of a child or adult who is unable to care for themselves. Speak to an attorney at Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman when making these decisions. We will consult you in terms of the law and relevant facts about Utah guardianship laws. This commitment shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Keeping children safe is a priority for Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman. We want what is best for the child, and fighting for a proper guardian is one way we are here to help.

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