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Protective & Restraining Orders Attorneys In Ogden, Utah

Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman are experienced when it comes to protecting clients from domestic violence and abuse. There is a wide variety of issues relating to domestic violence, abuse, and neglect. Whether you are the alleged victim or the alleged perpetrator, Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman are trained in giving expert legal advice and strong legal advocacy.

A Restraining Order is a court order that prevents certain actions on part of an individual or group. Typically, these orders are to prevent contact with a specific person or persons, or to stay away from a specific property. This prevents further injury in cases of domestic violence. In some states, a restraining order can be registered with the police. That way they can respond immediately in cases of an abused child or victim of a stalker. Most restraining orders are temporary, in which they expire on their own and must be renewed. A violation of a restraining order can result in criminal prosecution.

A Protective Order is an order issued by the court in order to protect someone from harassment or injury. Most orders are presented to the courts at the request of one party. The other party may appear at a later date to make their case to the judge. Many protective orders are issued by the police when courts are out of session, like a weekend or holiday. Protective orders tend to last a short time. The courts can then issue a restraining order which has a longer duration. However, warranted the situation severe enough, a protective order can remain permanent.

The attorneys at Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman take protective orders and restraining orders very seriously. If you are an alleged victim or an alleged perpetrator, contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details, implications, and what rights you have.

You can never be too safe. Protecting yourself and your family is just one of the ways Kaufman, Nichols & Kaufman can advocate for your rights and peace of mind.

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