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Ron’s Personal Statement



As you can see, my background is varied and I can help you with your case. If you are looking for an attorney, give me a call. I will be glad to spend some time on the phone to discuss your matter and help you make the next decision as to how you need to proceed and what your next step should be. MY MOST IMPORTANT GOAL IS HELPING YOU.


I have a varied background that provides me a unique ability to understand my areas of practice in the law. I received my Bachelors of Science degree from Weber State University in 1974. My major was in Police Science with a minor in Sociology. I then went to work for the Ogden Police Department where I attended the Police Academy and was the Valedictorian in the State. I stayed with the police department for over three years.

After working on the police force, I went to work for the State of Utah as a Special Investigator for the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement. I worked for the State for Child Support Enforcement for 17 years, during which time I managed Child Support Enforcement units covering Northern Utah. During that time, I had the privilege of speaking to National Child Support Conventions and training many other States on how to collect Child Support. I spent the last few years with the Bureau writing policy by taking federal child support policy and drafting the Utah State Policy that would control in that area.

After that time at the Bureau and at age 41, I went to Law School at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Washington. I completed Law School in 2 ½ years, graduating early. I was in the top portion of my class and was in the top 10% of those taking the Bar Exam early in February of 1994. I was sworn in to both the Utah State Bar and the Federal Bar in July 1994 and have been a member in good standing of both the State and Federal Bar ever since.

This unique education and experience has allowed me to do very well in approaching and understanding criminal defense, domestic or family law, and divorce and child support cases. Additionally, my experience as a Police Officer has allowed me to excel in the personal injury cases where I can provide a level of investigation and understanding to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other personal injury cases which is needed to get proper awards for you from insurance companies.

I am a fighter. In approximately 2003, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). The doctors advised me I had about two years left to live. That was approximately 8 years ago and I’m still strong, Praise and Glory to God and Jesus. I believe that demonstrates that I am a fighter and a survivor. I will bring the same energy and fighting spirit to your case.


My skills developed as a police officer and investigator allow me to be able to get into a personal injury case and really develop a good offense that results in getting the most money for my client’s that can be made under each individual circumstance.

Personal Injury cases are a very difficult time during a client’s life. The client deserves someone who will deal with the insurance companies to maximize the recovery and try to minimize the time it takes to get to the recovery. The insurance companies will try to get out of paying everything they can. That is why I will do my best to combat their tactics and get you everything the insurance company is responsible to pay and get it in the shortest time possible.

The most difficult job you, as a client, have is the job of getting healthy and physically and emotionally healed from the accident. I try to help you understand the system to make sure you have reached maximum medical improvement from your medical staff before we entertain any settlement offers. We really seek to understand all of your damages that you have suffered so we leave no money on the table from your insurance company. You would not want to settle for what you thought was a soft tissue injury or muscle damage claim when in fact you have a damaged disc or broken bone. It is so important to fully get to the bottom of your injury and your damages before trying to settle your claim. As your attorney, I want to insure that all of your medical records are received and included in your claim so that I can maximize the claim for you.


I was a police officer for Ogden City in Utah. I was Valedictorian from the Police Academy, or the top officer in the State of Utah for my graduating class. After graduation, I was with the Police Department for a few years. That provides me with the ability to really examine the police report and the charges brought forth in a criminal case. I can better understand both what is being said, as well is what is being left out. This gives me real advantage in trying to help out someone who is charged in a criminal case. The best compliment I have noted over the years is that many of the police officers come to me when they need serious representation, such as Officer involved shootings or even in private matters such as divorces, etc. I believe that demonstrates that I fight very hard for my clients but that I fight in a respectful manner in order to best represent my client and get the best possible outcome for my client that will range from a straight dismissal on a case or a possible plea bargain if the case requires it or a Not Guilty verdict at trial. Every case is different, and every case deserves an individual approach, which is exactly what I will give your case.

Since 1994, I have handled many different criminal cases ranging from homicides, aggravated assaults, rape cases, sexual abuse charges, child sexual abuse charges, internet crimes such as sexual exploitation of minors, pornography cases, and myriads of other sexual offenses, felony thefts, felony DUI charges down to misdemeanor DUI charges, disorderly conduct charges, shoplifting charges, lewdness, and most other misdemeanor type charges. I have helped thousands of clients with almost any type of criminal charge that could be held against them. I strive to make sure that all of my clients know they are treated with respect and dignity. I believe that being a lawyer is a service industry, and I try to provide the best possible service I can to all of my clients. This approach has brought in a steady flow of clients over the years. 92% of my business is a result of a referral from a past satisfied client who recommended their friend or family member call me for help with their new or present case. That is the best compliment I can get when a past client trusts me enough to recommend my skills and talent to a friend or loved one to also help them out.

If you have a criminal case, call me to give me the chance to earn your trust and friendship.


As you can see from my many years in the domestic field with the Office of Recovery Services, I am well versed in all areas of domestic cases. I have handled divorce cases, paternity cases, custody cases, Grandparent rights and Grandparent visitation problems, combating child support cases and issues and taking on the Office of Recovery Services. Also, with all of the years of experience as an Attorney in the Domestic field since 1994 wherein I have handled thousands of domestic cases of virtually all kinds and all issues, I am very qualified to help you with your issue if it is in the domestic area of case law of any kind.

I have both collected thousands upon thousands of dollars in child support and alimony and have saved my clients thousands of dollars in unfair child support collections and unfair alimony charges. I will fight just as hard for you.